Introduction to Experiments

Itís known that parapsychology power activated in human mind as the activity of the logical unite and the reality measurements decrease in the brain, because the logical explanation of any idea occur in the mind is responsible for diminishing the acceptance of the ideas based from the parapsychology, thus at first we will need to learn the exercises for the brain relaxation until we reach the level of controlling the brain without putting any energy or to reach the base of our mind that at this stage there will be no loss of mind energy to evaluate anything logical. Yoga exercises related clearing the minds maybe it will help to reach this level of generating pure energy at the brain by fast, also we need to realize the differences between the ideas based from our imagination and the ideas based from the parapsychology power.

  • Relaxation Experiments

At first we will need to reach the level of pure energy at the mind without the existence of any idea and if an idea come to the mind then donít try to push it away but just wait for it to pass. Several methods will help to concentrate the mind at the pure energy, some of it dealing with putting our body under pressure until we donít feel it alarming for being hungry or feeling pain or whatever, for example

  1. Try to spend longer time under the shower and keep changing the heat of the water until you are under very comfortable warm water, after 20-30 minutes all the body will relax and you donít feel any alarm from the body, its at this level you should try to clear your mind and to be at the pure energy level.

  2. Stay at the Sauna but it should be not very hot, so that you can stay longer to exercise how to clear your mind from any ideas.

  3. Put a mark in front of you like a small Black spot inside a White paper and put it 2-3 meters in front of you and keep looking to the Black spot and try not to blink until your eyes start crying after repeating this experiments many times (one time per day so that you donít hurt your eyes) you will start concentrating longer and longer without blinking.  


More experiments coming soon







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