One of the most interesting applications of the parapsychology it could be the explanation of the psychokinesis (PK). Then what is it? It is simply the conversion of the brain energy (it could be an idea) to other well-known energy responsible for the (physical events) like moving small objects without physical agency and without any involve of the muscles. Before we go to details about the psychokinesis we will try to give more examples about it.

  1. An idea could move a speck of dust as it dances in the sunlight.

  2. An idea could alter the gravitational fields in which we live.  

  3. An idea could break the glass of the window

There are an infinite number of events we can mention as related with the PK, and the research in this area starts since long time ago and the history record is not important here but the result is. So how does the psychokinesis works? And when? To answer these question we need to divide the human feeling to top, bottom and between stages or if we consider that the feelings of human is about to reach 1000 points then we should know that the PK power will be active at some level within the 1000 points and its different for different people that if a person was able to use his power at the feelings level of 450-500 points then its different for other human, but the common thing for everybody is that this power will be activated when the person is at position when his mind is free of any alarm both from inside his body as the pain alarm at the brain, and he also must be free from any outside alarm as nobody is talking to the person and no high level of noise or music, then after all these conditions applied to the person he will need to reach the level of feeling needed for his brain to activate the PK power, but the person will also need to create high level of energy as will, for example with small generator you can reach 10 Volt and 10 Watt if your current was 1 Ampere and with other generator you can reach also 10 Volt but with 20 Watt this time if your current is doubled so that if we imagine the PK energy generated from the brain with the energy generated by the generator then the feelings level needed by the brain is the voltage created by the generator and the current of the generator will be the method that we use to reach the wanted level of feelings. for some people whom they have practice the sports of mind like Yoga and they know how to listen to the soul then it will be easer for this people because they know how to free their mind from any alarm even if it was a loud music or pain, but with more practice everybody can reach this level and one of the good things about this stage of reaching peace with the soul its we start enjoying beauty of the nature like the smell of the trees, the touch of the wind and the sunshine. After reaching this level of control to the body and soul we will learn how to translate the action we need to the language used by the brain and this language is mixed of ideas and feelings, that we will encode the action we want to be done the PK power to idea and then we control our brain to reach the required level of feelings also we need to raise the energy of the brain to maximize the PK power generated by the brain, after all this we release the encoded idea at the top of all energy at that level of feelings and we check for the result, the self confidence about the result is very important here because at that particular level of thinking any idea it could jump to take place at the action of the PK power and if the person was suspicion about the result of his PK action then he may generate a reversal PK power and stop the first action or weaken his PK power.              

  • Human Spirit

The belief that soul and body are distinct and separable things, that beyond the period of their temporary union in this life there may be prolonged or even eternal existence of a soul freed from the body, is a belief often intimately associated with belief in paranormal events of the sorts with which we concerned. For many people the existence and meaning of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis lie in the reality of spiritual forces. For some, every telepathic event is ultimately a transaction in which unseen spiritual entities assist in the communion between the livings. For others, while refraining from such a conception of intervention by unseen entities, the very fact that such things as telepathy can exist is held to mean the reality of spiritual order, an order which provides a place for discarnate as well as incarnate entities. Both for preliterate man with his medicine men and for the spiritualist with his gifted medium, there are those whose powers of perceiving the invisible and predicting the unpredictable are simply gifts bespeaking the continuous presence of a spiritual world.

In general modern psychical research has taken the position that all of the claims for the paranormal must be investigated whether they made any assumptions about the deceased or not. There must be investigation of telepathy and clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis in their own right; there must also be investigation of those special sensitive who are called mediums and they offer themselves as mediators between incarnate and discarnate personalities; and an unflinching attempt to ascertain objectively whether the deceased actually do play a part in the phenomena so often attributed to them. If there is a poltergeist ("troubling spirit") as represented in the unexplained hurling of objects, the breaking of windows, the pulling of hair, anything paranormal which is reported to have happened must be investigated.


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