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  1. Spirits Journey

Let us start by asking this question, why does human live for so long and that he has to learn and produce through his age many things? Is it God who push human to do so, then why does God take the human spirit after he reach the wisdom of life? Is it because God wanted this wise spirit to be settled at another planet and to live another life? Does God put human on earth so that human can learn wisdom and experience and later God will take this spirit and send it to another place where it could be useful there, just like the way we treat plants to grow up and then we use it?

The impossibility for the heavy body of the human to travel far away and beyond the dimensions of the physical world, it could be the reason for this spirit to get free from the body and to go to the place where God can command it, and if the spirit was a form of energy then it will be a wise energy, also that because its not controlled by the laws of the physical world and this will allow the spirit to travel with a very high speed and may be it will be faster than the speed of the unwise energy like light (300.000 Km/s). No body know for how long this spirit has to travel in order to reach its final destination at the infinity where God can command it. Maybe some of the free spirits are not yet useful to God at this time this why itís allowed to be rebirth inside the body of a new borne chilled who will grow with new body and old spirit, but without remembering the past of this old spirit, and maybe its this why many people whom they go to visit place or to meet somebody for the first time, they will have the feeling that they were been here before and they have met this new person before. Its maybe that the rebirth process will continue for several times until the spirit is finally wise enough to be taken to the new place, and its maybe that God is responsible for most of the natural events and crisis, that most of the ancient religions were believing that God or multi gods where responsible for the anger of the nature.

Now in our modern history something very dangerous has happened and itís for the first time that human start controlling with some percentage the natural equilibrium of the nature and its start playing with the time for the spirit to stay in the body. These entire human made new rules for the nature, which it was set up since the eternity by God its maybe will not be appreciated by him now, because he has arranged everything for human, and what was done by the modern human is very much similar to the science faction stories talking about the obstinate robots who start having an artificial intelligent and will no longer obey human commands, does human will accept this man made machine to decide for itself? Does God will allow human to decide for himself and to play with nature rules and the universe? It maybe that human is still under the line of braking the natural rules, but what will human do after 1000 years only from now, he for sure will destroy the peace of the universe, and he will start demolishing and occupying starts and planets at the universe, and its maybe at this time God will decide to finish the life of this obstinate human and he will allow the start of a new life under new rules and conditions, and maybe he will not allow human to have such a brain and maybe he will give this brain to another creature who will very much welcome to follow the universe rules in order to satisfy God and to protect the nature.     

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