Introduction to Parapsychology


Human brain is the biggest and the most powerful supercomputer in the world, it consist of an infinite ideas, feelings, forces, images, information, and hopes, but what will happen to all of these huge things and where does it all go at the end of human life, do you think that it will all disappear just because its not a material things that means its not included by the energy conservative law, but some of the human has successfully shown that they are able to convert their brain energy or their feelings to another form of energy as studied by the parapsychology science or in other word they have shown that the brain power can be transformed into other kind of known energy as electromagnetic energy converting to electrical and mechanical energy. Before we continue with this discussion of the power for human brain we will start to give a basic explanation for the brain and how does it effect the environment and how does it respond to our senses. Human brain is consisting of two parts the right and the left; the right is responsible for the unconsciousness behavior like the heart beats and parapsychology power, the left side is responsible for the consciousness behavior and it consist of the logic part, which it organize our life by making decisions according to the conclusion we came up with from comparing many things, its from this logical view we have learned to judge about anything around us, and we always try to keep our brain thinking purely from the logical point of view and we never allow the noisy ideas which it has no physical bases in our world, to come and reach the level of belief on it and to respond according to this belief, why is that? Is it because we think that in our world only the material things exists, but what about the human ability to use his super power as recorded thousands of years ago, itís true that they have had this power and they have learned how to use it simply because they were believing about it, whether they were believe because of a religious ideas or because they were believing in the power of magic. So what happened to an idea based from the power of parapsychology when it comes to the head of civilized human? He or she will ignore it as it will not reach the level of believe from the physical and logical bases and the idea will be killed and the useful power will be lost, some of the people whom they tried to use this power without previous experience they may abusing their ability and the power will be turn against them. The modern engineering devices like radars and communications are based on detecting the signal from the noise and they are using the famous law of signal to noise ratio, as the ratio rise its mean that the detection of the signal is easer for the devise and we are doing the same thing because we comparing the source of the idea with physical bases if it comes from it then the signal to noise ratio will be higher, but even for a sophisticated radar or communication system some of the weak signals will be ignored because its not reaching the threshold of reality, and human must learn to be more sensitive to detect this weak signals, the process of learning how to control the wanted from the unwanted ideas will take a long time and anybody think that he could come to a high level of sensitivity in a short time he will be disappointed, some of the good ways to start is by recording the corrected ideas and to document them so that after a while you will learn when it was correct for you and when it was not, because this thing is unique for each person as we donít have identical brains for any two persons in the world, after continuing with this process for some time you will start to know more about your brain ability, and your self confidence about using your power will increase as well.

We all have the power of parapsychology 

With this site we will try to understand the bases for this power, how it is working? When we must use it? And how to control the brain so that your signal to noise ratio for the corrected ideas will be higher. We all have the power of parapsychology and thus we need to believe on each other experiments and results, therefore we welcome any of your self experience using your parapsychology power so that we will all benefit from sharing each other experiences, and the key issue here is that we start by believing about the power of parapsychology  


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