شكوماكو     ShkoMako
Iraq political parties having no political program 

Suddenly and without any previous warning many political parties show up in Iraq, trying to speak in the name of Iraqi people even that no single Iraqi has elected any of them, its known that the previous dictator of Iraq has treated brutally any one dear to challenge his orders, as a result to this policy the political field inside Iraq was totally empty from any active power, but now most of these new parties been imposed from outside either by the American and British or by Arabic and non Arabic neighboring countries, and because non of these parties really care about Iraq or Iraqi people, they didn't prepare any political program to convince the people but they having one idea in mind its to take control of the country and to share the cake of power, they have started by occupying most of the governmental and civilian buildings, and some of them have started terrorizing civilians with racial policy by his armed militia and its very much similar to the racism used by the former regime, while the serious problems of Iraq they haven't discuss any of it yet, like the occupation of the neighboring countries to the land of Iraq, the bad debts, the rebuilding contracts, and how to prepare the country to the coming privatization. These non popular parties will soon collapse if a new process of democracy will come, but if another kind of dictatorship is coming then god will help poor people of Iraq to get rid of those parasites whom benefiting from the suffering of others.