شكوماكو     ShkoMako

Shall we allied the USA or Somalia

Many Arabic and Islamic countries are provoking Iraqis to fight the Americans now, those countries were trying to fight American using Iraqi people as tools only, but if any Iraqi will try to look deeply into the legacy we got from the former regime, he will find that most of the neighboring countries are occupying Iraqi land now, and most of our fortune been wasted on losing contracts and bad debts, he will also find that 80% of the Iraqi people are poor now, so who will help Iraq to stand up again, who will help us getting the technology needed to rebuild our country if its not the USA, which its the most powerful and advanced country in the world now, then who will help us maybe some people suggested Somalia as an alternative, maybe the idea about the American now is not the best among the eyes of Iraqis, because we have seen only American soldiers on the streets but when the time will come and American civil community will arrive and start with helping Iraqis to rebuild the country, maybe at that time the simple Iraqi person will realize that American were not only solders but scientists, doctors and engineers and those whom we were waiting for.